Christmas Peace of Mind

Christmas pushes chefs, professional and domestic, to the limit.

If you have the tiniest doubts about catering at Christmas then please don’t take any chances, you need your guests to be alive when they leave you and not in an ambulance!

Up to thirty people die around Christmas every year from food poisoning and if you are unfamiliar with the items that you are dealing with or how the quantities affect the cooking times then please take a food safety training course.

Whether you are cooking at a small boutique hotel or a three hundred seat restaurant you must be confident and correct in your food preparation and cooking knowledge.

You can be the best chef for twenty guests but become unstuck by a drastic increase in customers.

Waiting staff may deviate from the health and safety in catering rules when they’re busy unless they are reminded of them in an official capacity.

In catering taking short cuts can be disastrous.

You may wonder whether food safety training is worth the investment, it has to be expensive and time consuming surely.

No, the courses cost approximately the same as two meals in a reasonable standard restaurant and the short time spent training could be the best hours that you spend this year to ensure that your team are ready for Christmas in all its haste, flurry and stuffing.

Moreover, the advance of interactive and responsive technology has led to basic level food safety training courses being available online.

It’s only at managerial and supervisory levels that in house or in training centre courses must be taken in person.

These easy to follow and invaluable online training courses can be taken from the convenience of the business premises.

Established and respected training companies like Food Alert in London co-ordinate food safety training online and in person and their courses have been certified by either the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health (C.I.E.H.) or the Royal Society of the Protection of Health (R.S.P.H.) The qualifications and knowledge you accrue will be useful long term and not only at Christmas.

The most basic food safety training is the CIEH level 1 food safety course.

This takes a couple of hours to complete online and it’s a useful induction tool, excellent for front desk staff and administrative staff who don’t come in to contact with food frequently but they still must adhere to the health and safety in catering legislation if they are called in to help.

The level 1 training works for staff with English as a second language or if someone has learning difficulties.

The training addresses the necessity of food safety, food hygiene, cleaning and contamination risks. At the end of the course there is a multiple choice test.

The more in depth CIEH Level 2 Food safety training is an essential course for everyone involved in food preparation, manufacture or retail.

The training takes approximately four hours with a test on completion.

Have peace of mind this Christmas with food safety training.