Effective Ways to Revitalize Brain Related Dysfunctions Based On Newest Methodologies

Dr. Curtis Cripe, a prominent name especially in the arena of behavioral medicine and neuroscience has authored a number of highly informative peer-reviewed papers and related publications that are great sources for anyone interested to know the great scopes of neuroscience comprehensively.

The Arizona, based neuroscientist has been internationally known as a neuroengineer who has successfully engineered a series of rehab solutions based on latest concepts which are more objective oriented than traditional methods. He has been a celebrated international speaker and extremely demanding to likeminded professionals when the subject is related to cognitive brain function, analysis and its management systems. Being a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honor-Society he is often invited in different conferences all over the world to speak on the healing power of neuroscience and behavioral medicine.

Embarking on his professional journey as an aerospace engineer, he took active part in the historic space research process and episode of landing on Mars by NASA’s special research wing Jet Propulsion Lab. In subsequent course, he worked for TRW, Inc., and served the community in its supervisory rank on a series of projects concerning software development, designing and programming for Department of Defense. Dr. Curtis Cripe received his undergraduate, and then graduate degree in aerospace engineering from California’s State Polytechnic University. Followed by this, Cripe pursued for Master’s and after that also achieved PhD in health psychology and behavioral medicine. His research proceedings as well as master’s degree were completed from North-Central University, Arizona.

Even though none can overlook his contribution in the field of aerospace engineering, however, undeniably, his involvement and untiring efforts intended to help millions of Americans to get rid of deadly psychosomatic disorders, impact of brain injury related dysfunctions caused by stroke, cerebral attack and inner hemorrhage or long term illness can never be forgotten. As per different studies, a large percentage of children in America suffer from learning disorders which are medically termed as ADD or ADHD, Autism; while teens used to come in bad companion and are often found drug addicted.

Hectic lifestyle, overstress, intense pace of professional life brings anxiety, uncertainty and depression in men and women making them hypertensive, obese, manic or victims of other mental and physical disorders. After joining the Arizona community NTL group as its Director and Lead of research and development team, he has been highly geared up to bring forth newest concept based management procedures for brain linked disorders.

Dr. Curtis Cripestrongly believes that, for psychotherapists or occupational therapists, it is most significant to gain a comprehensive idea about brain functionalities or, in other words, how differently it plays role in human functioning. With this, problems can be better addressed whereas, all findings must be supported by database and evidences gathered by means of scientific-based mechanisms. At NTL, he leads the entire research team and sits with developers, guide them and supervise their activities to produce option based rehabilitation procedures to take care of varied brain based dysfunctions. All analysis is done by taking snapshots of human brain by neuro electronic imaging technologies.