Feel the fitness with yoga

Yoga is the most popular and efficient way to ensure the proper health of your body. Humans have been doing yoga since a very long time. Yoga is a physical workout that involves the activity of all your body muscles and ensures that you must remain fit and healthy most of the time. Most of the people in San Diego prefer to do Yoga in order to maintain their physique as well as ensure the fitness of their body. Yoga classes in San Diego can provide you with various kinds of yoga poses that will ensure your fitness.

Paschimottanasana pose: This pose requires your legs stretched out in front of you and you have to touch the toes with your fingers without bending your knees. You have to bend forward till you touch your toes. You can take deep breaths while practicing this pose so that maximum amount of oxygenated blood may reach your body parts. This pose relives your body from stress, fatty deposits around your belly region as well as provides flexibility to your spine as well as entire body.

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Dhanurasana pose: This pose is done by lying onto the ground with your belly touching the ground. Your legs should be kept atleast 6 inch away from one another. You can try to grasp your ankles with both your hands with your face facing the forward direction. You can try to lift your legs in the air so that your abdomen should only be touching the ground, and you literally form the shape of a bow using your own body. You can hold your breath while you are in this pose. This pose is very effective in weight loss and also improves the digestion in your body. It also heals the constipation in your stomach and also improves the blood circulation in your body.