Fentanyl Addiction Treatment: What’s On the Other Side?

Fentanyl addiction treatment opens doors of changing for the better and recovering from your nasty habit and addiction. Fentanyl is a powerful and potent narcotic opioid and this drug is a highly addictive substance. Used as anaesthetic or pain reliever, fentanyl provides a pleasurable high which is why more and more Canadians are hooked on this type of opiate. The gruesome truth is that fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more potent than heroin. Imagine the danger you are in with the wrong use or overdose of fentanyl, leading to irreversible health problems or tragic death.

Fentanyl Addiction Treatment in a Nutshell

The initial step to Fentanyl addiction treatment is the detox management or medical detox that is performed onsite and with 24/7 monitoring. Most private rehab facilities have this type of protocol in order to provide comprehensive assistance to the client that is going to undergo the nasty symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal. Clients receive complete medical care as well as counselling to comfortably and safely transition from the substance.

Why is fentanyl addictive?

The individual is prone to addiction especially in terms of the synthetic opiate fentanyl. The narcotic drug is a prescription medicine that is formulated as a surgical anaesthetic or pain reliever. Severe and chronic pain is targeted for individuals with spinal cord problems or those that experience pain due to recent major surgical procedures. Fentanyl results in a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, however, this powerful high is more aggressive than that of morphine and heroin. Addiction to fentanyl is so overwhelming that the fear of overdose is even outweighed. The truth is that fentanyl could certainly lead to tragic death when the person overdoses, resulting in respiratory arrest and collapse of the lungs.

Different Addiction Treatments Available

Fentanyl addiction treatment comes in different shapes and sizes. There are several factors that affect the kind of treatment you’ll receive and deemed appropriately effective in the process. The treatment method could involve cognitive behavioural treatment or CBT or alternative treatments such as yoga, exercise, and the use of arts, music, and writing for holistic healing.

What to Expect from Trusted Rehabs

There are various factors that corroborate and work together in order to make your treatment work. Fentanyl addiction treatment is administered with the facilitation of a team of addiction counsellors, therapists, and licensed professionals. The treatment process starts with the interview and assessment of the clients in order to determine their individual unique needs for a successful treatment. The rehab programs should be centered on the individual needs of the client in a structured treatment process.  Regardless of the addictive state or behaviour of the client, general skills and tools are employed in order to help them recover from their addiction.

Addiction to opioid has been the crisis that gripped Canada in the previous years. Fentanyl addiction treatment is one of the efforts of the government and private organizations, aiming to finally eradicate the dangers and risks of getting addicted to this narcotic opiate.