GWC Valves on the Humpback Whale in the Ventura Harbor

GWC Valves is a valve manufacturing company based out of Bakersfield, California. The company was founded between a group of American entrepreneurs and a group of innovative Italian engineers. The company is very close to the Ventura Harbor and they have recently had a visitor in the harbour. The commercial area around the harbour does not get that much action but with the visit of a humpback whale, all the companies took their lunch break outside. Although employees at GWC Valves work around the clock when they are at the company, they spent their lunches outside at the harbour searching for the humpback whale, waiting patiently. On Sunday morning, the Ventura Harbour Patrol were searching on the water by boat and on land with binoculars to search for the humpback whale. Although it is an amazing sight, the whale belongs in greater waters. After searching all day, Patrol declared to the media and locals that the whale went back to the ocean.

For a small town, GWC Valves and surrounding companies got their excitement for the year. Despite the fun, GWC employees are glad that the whale went back to the ocean. That is where it belongs.  It was especially important that it got back before people began feeding it and being too interested that they end up harming it by drawing it. Fortunately, it is not likely or did not seems as though the whale was harmed. Saturday afternoon, people came out that to watch including some GWC employees. It was an adventure for the Ventura Harbour. Only until the next time that GWC and their neighbors get a taste of excitement. Until then, they are back to manufacturing flow control. For more information about GWC Valves and what they do or the humpback whale, visit the link provided above.