Is Your Sedentary Lifestyle Taking Its Toll On You?

Despite what you’ve heard in that Simon and Garfunkel song “I am a rock”, behaving like one can wreck your body. No one is a rock or an island, and no one should spend their whole life in one place. Our bodies are those of hunter-gatherers, and we simply must be active in order to stay fit and healthy, and live a long life.

Fortunately, we don’t have to hunt for food, and we have our brains to thank for that. The truth is, our brains love it when we’re lazy. When we’re not moving, we’re thinking about different kinds of things, and we even get genius ideas. However, even a genius must move to stay healthy. In short, a sedentary lifestyle is not a great choice.

Have you noticed that you’ve been feeling kind of different lately? That might be just because you’re not moving your butt off that chair. Let’s take a look at some things that are probably happening to you right now even if you’re not aware of them.

Gaining weight

If you’re not working out at least three hours per week, there’s a big chance that you’re gaining weight. Fat forms quickly, and if you think that you just have a beer belly that’ll go away, think again.

Some people are satisfied with their bodies, even though they are overweight, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, having high body fat increases the risk of getting several different types of cancer, and unfortunately, we don’t have a miracle drug for curing cancer just yet.

In order to avoid getting cancer, you simply must work out. Trim that beer belly and lower the risk of getting ill.

Forgetting things

Have you noticed that sometimes you simply cannot remember what you wanted to do or say? That’s because your brain health suffers when you’re sitting for too long, even if you’re technically using your brain for work or for watching TV. Older adults who’re living a sedentary lifestyle have the same chance of getting dementia as those who are genetically predisposed for that!

If you want to avoid getting dementia, walk at least three times a week or ride a bike whenever you can.

Eyesight problems

Sometimes people lead sedentary lives simply because they have sedentary jobs, and that takes its toll on their bodies. Sitting in front of a computer screen almost all day long and holding reading materials close to your eyes will damage your eyes over time.

Take care of your eyes by visiting an optometrist at Broadway Shopping Centre or your local eye doctor. Prevent further damage to your eyes – you’ll be needing them when you retire. After all, those crosswords won’t solve themselves.

Weakened bones

As it was previously mentioned, in order to stay healthy, you need to work out. Simply put, our bodies were not made to sit around all day. You probably already know that sitting slows down blood circulation, but did you know that it can also lead to weakened leg bones? Not giving your bones a chance to work and grow will make them brittle and will increase the chances of getting osteoporosis.

If you notice that you’re breathing harder than ever, if your bones hurt whenever you move, and if that beer belly is just getting bigger, then it can be said that the sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on you. Get out of that chair right now and start working out. You only have one body – take good care of it, and it will serve you well. If you don’t do that, there’s a big chance that you’ll develop numerous health problems.