Maple Syrup: Best Alternative For The Regular Sugar

Are you searching for the healthy alternative of the sugar? Look no further. The pure Maple syrup will be used as the healthier alternative to the sugar in the different types of baked goods and desserts includes cakes and pies.

To apply the maple syrup as white sugar or brown sugar alternative, use 2/3 cup of the maple syrup for every cup of the granulated sugar, decrease quantity of the liquid ingredients in the recipe by about 1/4 cup and lower baking temperature by the 25° F. Pure wholesale maple syrup can be serve as a one-to-one substitute for the liquid sweeteners includes the honey, molasses and corn syrup.

Maple Is Best Alternative For Sugar:

This healthy sweetener is hundred percent natural, pure and free of any type of coloring or additives. Boiled down directly from the maple tree sap, which is harvested from maple tree towards end of the winter, the pure maple syrup is unprocessed, authentic product of the nature. Because maple syrup is not processed, it contains higher levels of potentially beneficial minerals, including

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Copper

In addition, the maple syrup does not contain any kind of the high fructose corn syrup, the modified sugar substitute commonly found in the processed foods. Leading pancake syrup brands in U.S. do not contain any type of the pure maple syrup and rely on the high fructose corn syrup as primary sweetening ingredient, along with additives like artificial flavorings and coloring agents. The maple syrup was recently found to have high antioxidant activity, result of the 54 different polyphenols, plenty of like those found in the berries, tea, coffee and flaxseed. There is no surprise that this sweetener has such a good nutrient profile when you are consider that it is highly concentrated form of maple tree sap, the life blood of maple.