Methandrostenolone – History of this drug

This drug was first discovered in 1958.  Basically the aim of this drug was to provide muscular growth to the athletes.  Later the same was also used by body builders for instant stamina and energy. These categories of sporty persons have a tendency of heavy workouts and thus the side effects of this drug are not reflected.  But the normal persons faced a difficulty with the regular intake of this drug. Main function of the steroid is to increase the level of heat in the body and due to this heat, fat cells are melted out. Weight loss is also caused through this drug. But only weight loss is not the purpose. A user needs well ripped body and thus the significance of this drug is increased. Many often it is seen that the users have complained about the side effects. This is because of lack of information regarding the composition and nature of this drug.

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Why FDA approval is not yet granted?

Though even after a lot of efforts made by the companies, this drug could not get official approval from FDA.  This is because of the “no profit no loss” nature of the drug. After a good gap of the Testosterone, this medicine was released for common public use. Till this time, the effects of steroid were publicized. This was also advertised that the user will have to discharge a huge workout otherwise they may face some skin related problems, acne problems and dizziness problems.

How you can avoid serious side effects?

Moreover, the users may also face the flattering bones problem in older age if they consumed this drug for more than 6 months. Though, this drug was provided marketing support by official agencies. No legal prescription was made compulsory for purchase of this drug.  You could buy the same without any recommendation letter from medical applications. Though, the drug was used by the athletes and body builders for many years, but the present circumstances are different. In many of the dope tests, various athletes have been found guilty of using this drug for instant stamina.  But even after these results, no stoppages have been imposed on Steroid. Internationally, this is not considered unlawful to obtain the instant stamina. But in any national or international competition it is expected from the participant to display on the natural energy. Using this drug may be harmful if not supported with proper work out.  It is better to work hard in initial stage to avoid problems at later stage or vice versa. Discretion is of the user, though all the instructions are printed on pack and self explanatory. For better lean muscles and internal strong structure, this drug is quite essential. You can get required strength but will have to maintain the other criteria for better body growth without any serious side effects.

So before taking this drug, make sure you have consulted the doctor about the dosage.