Online Food Safety Training

Food inspectors acting with the Food Standards Agency and local authorities carry out audits based on The Food Safety Act 1990.

Every business owner and team member should have knowledge of their responsibilities as specified in this vital piece of legislation.

A lack of forethought and care is not a valid excuse for breaking the law.

The regulations were established to allow proportional penalties which reflected the level of negligence. In 2018 there will be further changes in legislation.

Without being food safety credited who will choose your business as their eatery of choice?

A sticker with your food hygiene score after an audit must be displayed in a prominent position on the premises by law. It is also published online.

There’s no way to hide the results of bad practices, inadequate food safety training and neglect of regulations.

0 – Urgent improvement needed

1 – Major improvement needed

2 – Improvement needed

3 – Generally satisfactory

4 – Good

5 – Very good

If you achieve a 2/5 food hygiene rating from food inspectors and the neighbouring businesses have 3, 4 or 5/5 customers are going to opt for the establishment that doesn’t leave them worried about standards.

Food safety training offers the knowledge that everyone involved in food preparation, manufacture and retailing requires to work efficiently and in line with legislation so it acts as a form of insurance for business owners because they have taken measures to inform their staff.

Of course, practical application of the food safety legislation will need to be managed and overseen.

At all employment levels food safety training can be taken in person at training centres or on the business premises but technology has delivered numerous food safety courses in an online format so that minimum expense and time is taken to study and gain qualifications.

The online courses listed below are available through accredited training firms like Food Alert in London and are certified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health which offers recognised qualifications or certification.

  • CIEH level 1 Food Safety Online.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety Online.
  • CIEH level 3 Food Safety Online.
  • CIEH level 2 Food Safety for Manufacturing Online.
  • CIEH Food Allergens Awareness Online.
  • CIEH Legionella Awareness.

An effective food safety management system which all levels of staff can be trained in and actively use is Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points which meets UK and EU regulations.

HACCP is a preventative food safety management technique that is sought to trade in Europe and whether Article 50 for Brexit is triggered in 2, 5 or 10 years it is vital for UK food related businesses to be HACCP compliant to be viable internationally and favoured domestically.

Food inspectors see HACCP training online or in person and its execution as positive proof that efforts to control and correct issues are being taken.

So, to maximise your firm’s capacity to work in accordance with legislation speak to training experts about strengthening your knowledge and initiating HACCP.