Prompt Diagnosis Is Vital To Get Rid Of Schizophrenia

Unquestionably, both diagnosis and management of schizophrenia can be an overwhelming experience for you. Even if, you’re struggling with your best efforts, positive attitude and determination and try to get associated with people, think of performing your daily duties normally and plan considering things realistically, however, the deadly impact of the mental disorder stop you from doing the same, as you plan.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is acknowledged as one of the most challenging mental or brain based disorder that frequently makes it hard to differentiate among what is real and what is imaginary, control emotions and think evidently or function normally. However, it is recoverable. So, if your loved one is diagnosed with schizophrenia with effective treatment, following doctor’s guidance and other therapy processes, the patient can come back to his/her normal life. Most importantly, early diagnosis, proper analysis of the phase and necessary management are most vital that help lessen complications and enhance your attitude, way of thinking and stop you visualizing the unreal things.

Is Schizophrenia Curable?

As per statement of the widely acknowledged psychiatrist Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD, New York that proper diagnosis, treatment, self-help as well as family support can help manage the symptoms in a steady and effectively way. Even if, many people have misconception that recovery chance in schizophrenia is negligible, but as per the knowledgeable physician that he has had treated a number of patients with schizophrenia. Among them a large number is now back to normal life. The treatment is long term while once detected and you get proper mediations as well, undergo its management procedure, you will start recovering improved mental frame.

As said above, self-help strategies, intake of proper medication and supportive therapies are the only solution that helps in lessening as well as recovering the issue. You can once again work on your own, built social and family relationship and enjoy your life. Since schizophrenia is commonly periodic, especially during the management phase, as one goes though the diminution period from the rigorous ones, a patient gets an opportunity to initiating his normal practices and self-help strategies as directed by top psychiatrists like Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD.

Dr. Jonathan says that never consider the mental disorder as a life time sentence but proper management by experts is a must. Dr. Lauterhas been associated with the psychological healthcare domain in America for a long period of time. He is extremely respected by the likeminded professionals, the industry as well as by his patients for his insightful diagnosis; rehabilitation procedures and patient friendly guidelines.  

Apart from holding certification from American Board in the area of Psychiatry and Neurology, he is also backed by Board Certification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric management systems. Dr. Jonathan earned his Fellowship in Child-Adolescent Psychiatry from University of California and his medical degree from Albert Einstein College, Yeshiva University.  Apart from the renowned Elmhurst Hospital, in NY, one can also meet the learned physicians at his personal metal health care center located in Manhattan.