Senior Assisted Living Services Baton Rouge: 5 Reasons To Consider a Roommate Privacy

Some senior citizens cherish their privacy a lot and will do anything to protect and maintain it. Virtually all senior assisted living services Baton Rouge provide private, shared or semi-private accommodation for their patients.  Majority of seniors prefer private accommodation and will only opt for a shared one if they find the latter a bit expensive. Though privacy is needed in some cases and cherished by most seniors, but seniors and their family members should also consider the advantages of having a roommate in an assisted living facility. Below are 5 major reasons :

1) Cost reductions: Sharing a room will help family members save more.  This money add up and can be used to take care of anticipated medical bills or other related expenses.  Sharing a room helps you save up to about 30-40% of the actual cost of a getting a private room.

2) Increased social skills: Room sharing can help seniors learn more about how to interact socially. One of the main reasons for registering at an assisted living facility is to make seniors become more socially inclined and also learn how to make friends and build relationships. Cohabiting with a fellow senior can help them start to learn the basic social interaction skills.

3) Prevent Loneliness: Unless you’ve once lived in the monastery, then living alone for a long time is no advisable. Depression can set in when your aged parent live in an isolated environment. Most assisted living facilities usually advise against staying alone in the room and spending the better part of the day sleeping or watching movies. A roommate will make you have someone to interact with during your stay in the facility.

4) Additional monitoring: If you are planning on moving your parent to a senior assisted living services Baton Rouge, you will most likely always have a foreknowledge of any type of changes in either their behavioral pattern or health status. This will help you know the decision to take with regards to the living standard of your senior one. A roommate can notify you or the administration of the facility of any behaviorial changes.

5) Increased chances of long life: Healthy social relationships can help increase your chances of higher life expectancy. However, make sure the assisted living gets a compatible person to pair with your senior one.  There must be a satisfactory level of compatibility in cleanliness, taste,  sleeping habits and tolerance level. Nonetheless, assisted living facility take these factors  into consideration when trying to pair roommates.

Even when you’re financially buoyant to afford a private accommodation in the facility, sharing a room is more advantageous.