Solid bodybuilding is possible with Stanozolol

Stanozolol is identified as an artificial anabolic-androgenic steroid which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Winthrop Laboratories manufactured this medication in the year 1962 and it has got approval by the FDA of the US to be used on humans. This medication isn’t esterified like other anabolic steroids and it is mainly found in the oral form as well as in aqueous suspension. It is largely used for treating hereditary angioedema, in which the patients face the problem of puffiness of the face, bowel wall, genitals, extremities and throat. With the usage of this medication, the occurrence and seriousness of this attack lessen to a great extent.

This medication is also popular by the brand name Winstrol. This is a well-known compound and numerous bodybuilders and athletes take it for developing their performance and to maintain a stronger and slimmer build. This medication is just perfect for the athletes who wish to improve their speed, strength, power and endurance. They use Stanozolol cycle for cutting to preserve their acquired thin muscle mass and also to get shredded whilst shedding body fat. This drug has high anabolic properties and lessened androgenic features. Bodybuilders largely take it as it seldom emits feminine side effects like bloating, fluid retention, edema and gynecomastia.

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Mechanism of taking this compound

You are advised to take this medication precisely as suggested by your physician. If you fail to understand the instructions properly, then ask your physician to describe them to you again. Take this medication along with a glass full of water and you can take this medication either before or after food. Do not miss a dosage to get its maximum benefit. During the usage of this compound, your physician may ask you to go through some blood tests and medical assessments to observe your progress. Additionally, you must store this product at your room temperature and you shouldn’t expose this to direct light, heat and moisture.

Administering this medication

For medical purposes, men are generally recommended a dosage of 2mg to be taken thrice daily. Women are prescribed a couple of 2mg dosages daily and they can elevate their dosage to 6mg if they can control the symptoms of virilization properly. However, if your physician recommends this medication to you, he would suggest a dosage of 50mg/injection twice or thrice weekly and this dosage is meant for people of both sexes. A performance seeking athlete would take a dosage of 25-50mg every alternate day and this dosage is quite a common one amongst male athletes.

Numerous bodybuilders commonly take a dosage of 50mg each day mainly to administer Stanozolol cycle for cutting and towards the end of their cutting cycle, they take a dosage of 100mg daily. This cycle continues for one to two weeks prior to a competition. However, if you tend to surpass this dosage in this time period, it can cause you a huge liver strain. Generally, females take a dosage of 5mg of the oral version. A woman can also increase her dosage to 10mg daily if she can manage the problem of virilization well. The injectable version is dosed at 20mg that should be taken for 3-4 days.

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