Testosterone levels are Important to body

There is always been a question regarding the similarity of testosterone, it is always been asked whether the testosterone is same in males and females. The testosterone is found in different levels in the case of male and females but in lower levels. The greatest amount of hormone a blood serum attaches is sex hormone and albumin. Testosterone levels may have negative effects on bodyThe testosterone is a sex hormone as it produces the secondary sex characteristics in the males. In terms of consuming testosterone booser one can observe threshold level of 260–740 pmol/L.

In terms of talking about the production of testosterone, the testes are responsible for its production but it is secreted by endocrine glands. The master gland which is commonly reffered to as pituitary gland is responsible for controlling the processes and functions of all glands and their secretion present in the human body. The process is initiated on the signals from the hypothalamus gland to enable the synthesis of the hormone. It sends the signals as a releasing hormone to the anterior lube of the pituitary gland. Other than the producing sex characteristics, it is responsible for other kinds of development of characteristics such as muscle growth, strong bones etc. In some of the cases testosterone levels may be low but there are number of therapies and treatment available in this case. It produces threshold level of 260–740 pmol/L. The testosterone booster is the option but one should check it blood as well in order to begin such therapy. There may be the conditions of low testosterone in the male body it is advised to seek consultation of the doctor. One should be aware of free testosterone levels as it may have significant impact on sexual traits. The women also produce androgen but in less levels as compared to that of men, the higher amount of free androgen in body may lead to polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition may have various symptoms which may include infertility, growth of facial hair, delayed menstruation etc. There may be number of factors that one may experience in lower testosterone levels which may include- Decreased libido, Lack of energy, Depression, decrease in bone density, decrease in muscle mass, increase in fat etc. There are number of other tests for correct diagnosis such as sperm analysis, Testicular biopsy etc. The testosterone boosters are a good way to boost the testosterone in the body and its result may give you a positive outcome and efficient result. The results of testosterone boosters are measured in the pictograms per millilitre. A normal range is between 0.3 to 2 pg per millilitre. Low level of free testosterone may range from 0.1 to 0.3% of all overall testosterone level. The testosterone levels are a important and significant part of wellness and health as it may leads to number of health problems in the body. It is advised to take precautions and medication to maintain the levels and escalates any types of issues.